SUSTAINABILITY IN KEY TO NORTH AMERICA Near Shoring Potential and Future Wellbeing

Carlos Pascual STRENGTHENING NORTH AMERICAN TIES General Motors stated in November 2021, just seven months after announcing plans to invest $1 billion in electric vehicle production in Mexico, that “Mexico won’t be a destination for foreign investment” unless it provides a solid legal basis to “meet our objective of having zero emissions in the long […]


For more than a generation, China was the destination of choice for offshore industrial manufacturing. The reasons made sense. An abundant and low-cost labor pool, cheap oil, and production costs generally less expensive than those found in the U.S., encouraged many manufacturers to relocate industrial operations overseas. Additionally, trade routes to and from Asia were […]

INVESTIGATING THE NEARSHORING THEME In Mexico – and Its Investment Implications

Publication distributed by It has been prepared by C WorldWide Asset Management For the past few years, increased geopolitical tensions and disruption of supply chains have driven the global realignment of supply chains closer to the country of consumption. Following a week-long visit to Mexico, we in C WorldWide can conclude that nearshoring is […]

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